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All reports indicate that brits spend billions of pounds on home renovations and remodelling every year, with kitchen remodelling projects being the most popular.

However, with so many kitchens being remodelled every year, most kitchens in the UK can be categorized under a few primary and secondary design choices.

Your Kitchen

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In other words, they often lack variety and a personal touch. Today we are going to focus on this specific aspect, so that your kitchen does not end up looking like a variation of something that we have all seen a hundred times over on the internet.

Don’t Let Your Interior Decorator Dictate the Plan

There is a very common reason why kitchens in a neighbourhood often end up looking very similar to each other. This happens because homeowners often over rely on interior decorators, letting them dictate both the planning and décor. Given that we are talking about busy professionals, it is not unlikely for them to choose a design that they are very familiar with, because they have completed similar projects many times over already.

Practice makes perfect, but when it comes to kitchen remodelling, it also creates copies that lack any element of personalization. Avoid all that and find interior decorators like Hunter Hall Design, a company that prides itself on creating bespoke, yet affordable kitchens by working closely with the client. Chat with them online, via their official website at

Use Your Favourite Colour to Create Highlights

This seemingly simplistic way to add a personal touch to kitchen décor can be executed with class, as long as a few pointers are kept in mind. For example, contrast is an extremely important element of highlighting in interior décor, as without it, this personal touch of colour would lose its significance.

If you wish to incorporate more than one colour, then at least ensure each colour finds uniformity in the type of object on which the colour is displayed. To be more precise, when you are using red and black as the highlight colours, all cabinets could be painted in red, while the handles on them could sport a shade of black, but painting your cabinets with the two colours in random is a bad choice.

Favourite Shades in the Background?

As long as your favourite shade is not particularly dark, it can be used as the background colour as well. Dark kitchens may not work for most homes, so kitchens need a lighter shade for the background. Don’t be afraid of experimenting a little with lighter shades of blue, grey, yellow or any other colour that appeals to you.

We could have discussed a ton of other ideas for kitchen remodelling projects as well, but that would defeat the primary focus of this post. In order to add a personal touch, you are not supposed to borrow ideas from others. Instead, use the few tips we shared to create your own bespoke kitchen that will always stand out as something that belongs in your home.