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From Furniture Designs to Curatorial Projects: 5 Young Practices in Europe

New Generations is a European platform that analyses the most innovative emerging practices at the European level, providing a new space for the exchange of knowledge and confrontation, theory, and production. Since 2013, New Generations has involved more than 300 practices in a diverse program of cultural activities, such as festivals, exhibitions, open calls, video-interviews, workshops, and experimental formats.

New Generations launches a fresh new media platform, offering a unique space where emerging architects can meet, exchange ideas, get inspired, and collaborate. Recent projects, job opportunities, insights, news, and profiles will be published every day. The section ‘profiles’ provides a space to those who would like to join the network of emerging practices, and present themselves to the wide community of studios involved in the cultural agenda developed by New Generations.

Archdaily and New Generations join forces! Every two weeks Archdaily will publish a selection of studio profiles chosen from the platform of New Generations.

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Goffart Polomé Architectes | Wanfercée-Baulet, Belgium
Think outside the box

Crèche des Ecureuils / Goffart Polomé Architectes. Image © M-N Daily

Goffart Polomé Architectes is a practice founded in 2012 on the outskirts of Charleroi, Belgium. Founded by Damien Goffart and Brice Polomé, and later joined by Marie Maerckx, the atelier’s approach proceeds from a rational and holistic perspective rather than formal or discursive concerns with projects that explore the potential of the place they are located in.

Lucía Tahan | Berlin, Germany
In a digital reality

Cloud Housing / Lucía Tahan. Image © Lucía Tahan

Lucía Tahan is an architecture practice based in Berlin that deploys human experience design in spatial and digital systems. Since its founding in 2017, the studio has produced work across a wide range of scales, from software to construction to critical writing, while developing architecture projects and exhibitions as speculative political tools.

LLRRLLRR | London, United Kingdom; Tallinn, Estonia
Positioning oneself

RIBOCA 2 Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art / LLRRLLRR. Image © Didzis Grodzs

LLRRLLRR was founded by Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa in 2016. Based between the UK and Estonia, the practice is inspired by the inventiveness of the vernacular, with the aim of working on research-driven art and architecture projects. Their experience spans academic work, exhibition design, editorial and curatorial projects and designing of buildings as well as interventions in the public realm.

Boano Prišmontas | London, United Kingdom
Time will tell

The Arches Project / Boano Prismontas. Image © Boano Prismontas

Founded in London in 2015 by Jonas Prišmontas and Tomaso Boano, Boano Prišmontas is a studio that focuses on fostering an expertise in the architectural field. From their studio space in London, which is predominantly a workshop more than a computer lab, they work on projects ranging from bespoke furniture designs to public space interventions.

Onomiau | Paris, France
An honest approach

Droombok / Onomiau. Image © Noël Picaper

Onomiau (Office for Nomadic Architecture) is a pop primitive architectural and design practice created in 2019 by Noël Picaper. Based currently in Paris, the studio experiments a playful and relaxed style of spatial interventions that at the same time respects the symbolism of primitive architecture, constantly trying to explore new ways of architectural production.

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