Live talk with Henrybuilt founder Scott Hudson as part of VDF – Dezeen

Henrybuilt founder Scott Hudson speaks to Dezeen in a live Screentime conversation as part of Virtual Design Festival’s collaboration with the interior fittings brand.

Hudson spoke to Dezeen’s founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs about the flexible interior design systems that Henrybuilt offers, and more broadly about the importance of designing entire systems that can create solutions adapted to the needs of different users.

Henrybuilt was founded in 2001 when Hudson, wanting to redesign his kitchen, found himself dismayed at the incompatibility between the various components available on the market.

The brand offers interior design solutions for the entire home, but is best known for designing bespoke kitchens for clients using its integrated systems of fittings.

These solutions include Henrybuilt’s reconfigurable Opencase storage system, which comprises wall panelling onto which customers can mount drawers, shelves or racks to suit their needs.

The talk follows a product listing in VDF’s products fair for Henrybuilt’s Colour Box Bar, a flexible shelving unit compatible with the Opencase system that allows users to display homeware and personal trinkets in a variety of compositions.

Henrybuilt recently branched out from designing custom projects and living spaces for clients with the launch of a collection of customisable furniture named Primary Objects.

The collection incorporates the systems the company developed in its bespoke projects, and features over 50 pieces including rearrangeable shelving, bathroom cabinets and kitchen islands.

Henrybuilt’s products are designed and made at its headquarters in Seattle and the company has design showrooms in New York, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, as well as in its home city.

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