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Cooper cabinet (left) and Axia mirror from duVisst

Nashville architect, designer and furniture maker David Wildman has launched a furnishings brand called duVisst. The bespoke collection is designed, handcrafted and manufactured in Wildman’s Music City studio and features curated products including cabinets, mirrors, desk accessories, side tables, and shelving. The collection, Wildman said, “offers heirloom pieces that are meant to last for generations.”

The brand name, duVisst, is derived from the Norwegian word “bevisst,” which translates to “deliberate,” a sentiment Wildman has incorporated into each piece.

Wildman sought inspiration for the collection from both the natural and built worlds. Contrasting colors, combined materials and juxtaposed design elements are common themes that are showcased in this collection, along with the synergy of modern and traditional practices. Wildman is committed to leading an environmentally conscious and sustainably-focused business, and he handcrafts each piece of furniture using ethically sourced materials.

“My designs are a reflection of my own personal aesthetic and are not mainstream or traditional,” Wildman said. “My goal is to produce high quality pieces of furniture that expand the conversation of what represents craft and furniture making. This collection was created to evoke an emotional response from the customer and allow him or her to connect with the raw beauty and sentiment of each piece. As a designer and a maker, I am constantly pushing my boundaries to force myself to grow in both realms.”

One of the collection’s pieces is the Lode Shelf, a shelving unit that doubles as a work of art. The piece was inspired by geologic formations found in nature, juxtaposing iron pyrite formations and crystalline geode structure. Wildman said he designed the shelf to allow light to shine through its individual ribs, creating a kaleidoscopic pattern of shadows.

Lode shelf in bronze

Wildman is also the founder of DesignWild, a design and fabrication studio that produces custom architectural walls, panels, and tiles with digital fabrication methods including CNC, laser and 3D printing.

The duVisst products are available at

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