Why These Francesca Villa Earrings Are The Pick Of PAD London – Forbes

Francesca Villa’s Electrifying Earrings lit up PAD London last week, the design fair showcasing the best in 20th century art, design, jewelry and furniture each Fall in the British capital. Alongside pieces by Yael Sonia, Silvia Furmanovich and Jacqueline Rabun, the Italian designer’s 18kt gold and 1950s vintage button earrings designed exclusively for the show, dazzled with orange and blue sapphires to attract plenty of attention from passing collectors.

The highly creative piece provides an illustration of the event itself. “PAD is the perfect platform for artistic jewelry, that retailers globally are no longer taking the risk to showcase,” says Valery Demure, jewelry expert and founder of bespoke shopping concept Objet d’Emotion, who showed the piece. “PAD also enables a dialogue with clients, who tend to be informed art, design and jewelry enthusiasts and collectors with the sophistication to understand and appreciate the type of jewelry that retailers are not confident to offer and to explain.”

Demure also shows at PAD Paris each Spring and views the event as a creative platform that allows both designers and exhibitors to push boundaries within the design and art worlds. One of the most original designers at the fair, Francesca Villa is known for her innovative, materials-led jewelry crafted from precious metals, gemstones and found objects ranging from vintage buttons and casino chips, to love letters and antique miniatures that evoke a poetic world of the imagination.

A unique piece for a discerning clientele

Set in 18kt gold and accentuated with sunburst spokes picked out in orange and blue sapphires of various cuts, the earrings recall the freedom and transgression of the 1970s, drawing on “psychedelia, acid trips, Ziggy Stardust and most of all, joy. I would love to see them on Iman”

Inspired by childhood tales told to her by her commercial ship’s captain grandfather, Villa prefers traveling and discovering to feed her work, rather than shutting herself away in a studio. “I started with two vintage buttons of similar design but different colors,” she says. “Since fashion become a means of expressing our personalities in the 18th century, buttons have been as imaginative as the clothing itself. Nowadays, the finest examples are highly prized.”

And for a designer who enjoys exploring different cultures and times, they provide fertile ground for inspiration, “spanning the history of taste from the icy icons of Neoclassicism and the somber decorum of the Victorian court, to the sinuous motifs of Art Nouveau and hard-edged drama of Art Deco.” Her artist’s soul is drawn to unusual objects, which require bespoke setting alongside hand-cut stones by the team in her Italian atelier, to be brought to life as original and wearable jewelry.

Towards more considered buying

Villa’s work appeals to a new consumer, that according to Demure, is “more cautious and savvy at the same time. They buy less and make more considered purchases.” She sees two distinct markets operating in the high-end jewelry world; the commercial, widely sold brands looking to gain maximum market share, and the bespoke, one-of-a-kind and limited edition designers.

“PAD is a platform that must showcase forward-thinking design, impeccable artistry, high-end craft and rarity,” she finishes. And Villa’s earrings do just that.

See more of Francesca Villa’s work on Objet d’Emotion or write to concierge@objetdemotion.com to enquire about this piece.